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Got a cloning device?

Filed in Developers' diary by Dan @ 4:33 pm UTC Jun 5, 2014

Another month gone (tempus fugit – it feels more like a week) and it’s once again time for an info update. I’ll begin with practical news – new tiers have been added to our website, so if you want to support us, you can now pledge up to King level and get a beautiful handmade woodblock print, a (real) silver coin, a t-shirt, an action figure and other goodies. King is limited and there are only about 250 pieces left.

We have also launched an official Wiki page in collaboration with IGN.com and information about the game will be gradually added there.

Looking at the crowd of backers with a surprise

So now back to telling you about how the development of Deliverance is progressing. Although it looks from the previous blogs that the work is going without a hitch, the time has come to cool down a little and look at all the stuff that is not going so great and that we’re seriously struggling with. Not that I want to make us look like incompetent amateurs and lead you to a state of despair, but I think you will be interested to know about all the things we come up against. Read more...

Got a cloning device?