About us

Warhorse Studios is a video-game developer founded in 2011 by a handful of intrepid Czech gaming industry veterans, now grown to a dedicated team of over 130 men and women. Our first title, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a gritty, medieval, combat-based RPG set in a realistic historic environment, was released on February 13, 2018 and met with an enthusiastic reception from both critics and players worldwide. We are now a part of the leading video game publisher Koch Media/Deep Silver.

We are always on the lookout for great talent.

Martin Frývaldský


One of the few people in the team who doesn’t come from a video-game background, Martin brings to Warhorse Studios essential know-how in dealing with the nuts and bolts of large-scale enterprises, for example as CEO of one of the largest European rail freight service providers with a fleet of 6,000 wagons and 150 locomotives. His work as a financial consultant on numerous mergers and acquisitions has also proved invaluable to Warhorse, where he has succumbed to both the satisfaction and challenges of creating games.

Martin Klíma

Executive Producer

Martin’s passion for gaming led him to create the legendary role-playing board game Dragon’s Lair, making him one of the founders of the Czech gaming industry. In 1997 he established the development studio ALTAR interactive, which he led as producer and studio manager. In 1998 he published the very first Czech game to be distributed internationally, Fish Fillets, and three years later the real-time game Original War. ALTAR went on to publish the UFO Trilogy: Aftermath, Aftershock and Afterlight. Martin later worked as producer at Codemasters on the game Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Dan Vávra

Creative Director

Dan began as a graphic artist working on 2D games for 16-bit computers and was behind the birth of the worldwide successful Mafia series. Dan is the key visionary of Warhorse Studios and the creator, director and chief designer of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, whose stubborn commitment to his brainchild kept development forging forward through more than one obstacle. He has left his mark on games that in all have sold more than 8 million copies, underlining his unerring instinct for what gamers want.