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Filed in Developers' diary by Dan @ 4:21 pm UTC Dec 11, 2012

A screenshot from the leaked video. The image quality is not indicative of our current visual fidelity.

A piece of our “next gen” video from the game has been leaked! This means that anyone who’s been waiting for a chance can finally see at least a fragment of what we’re doing and judge whether it’s worthwhile keeping an eye on us or not. To pre-empt any rumours and misinterpretations of this tiny bit of the environment on show, taken out of the context of an hour-long presentation at a game industry conference, it’s best to clarify just what’s going on here and how our game is looking, and to recapitulate on the development so far, which I wanted to do anyway. So here we go.

Last weekend there was a small gaming conference for developers and students in Prague, Czech Republic, where we have our HQ. Alongside colleagues from 2K Czech, Disney, CD Projekt RED, Cauldron and others, we were also amongst the speakers and we had a whole five presentations on the agenda. The Czech game scene is small and development needs support, so we took it from the ground up and described the work on all aspects of a modern game from a purely practical perspective. I gave a talk on game design and tried to describe as accurately as possible how it proceeds. So as not to just blandly theorize, I showed our design documents. Viktor Bocan followed up with a description of how the game design is brought to life by means of the script and Roman Zawada, our main technical graphic designer, demonstrated how the stuff that has been designed is fleshed out in the form of 3D graphics, which he illustrated using the very piece of terrain that was leaked in the video. Michal Hapala, one of our programmers, then described the work of the programmers with a licensed engine and showed everything we were customizing for our game (and there’s lots), while Martin Klíma described how we function on an organizational level. Read more...