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Filed in Developers' diary by Martin @ 8:46 am UTC Aug 30, 2012

Niko Vuori, General Manager at Zynga

The most depressing thing about the recent kerfuffle about Zynga’s disgruntled workers were not the comments of Niko Vuori, Zynga General Manager, who assured the sheep in his flock that "NO ONE IS FORCING ANYONE TO WORK HERE AGAINST THEIR WILL [sic]", but the reactions of other developers to the effect of "be a man, dude, game development is not for wimps", followed by the yarns of the saintly days of yore when we all slept under our desks, ate cold pizza and ain't seen the sunshine since I don't know when. Read more...



Filed in Developers' diary by Dan @ 1:42 pm UTC Aug 7, 2012

I’m an eternal malcontent, hater and troll. When I look at something, I immediately know that, if I’d done it, I would have done it differently and naturally better. I take to few things that I would not tinker with and simply enjoy them for what they are. Many people have a problem with that and I’m not even very surprised by it. Not everyone has a need to consider things in such detail; most are content to enjoy by their reaction and grouches like me pointing out the errors only spoil their enjoyment. Who does it bother that half-naked barbarian women are running around in three feet of snow in their favorite RPG? Maybe only miserable female cosplayers who decide to have their picture taken for real in a fur bikini in a snowdrift and discover that at -20 degrees it’s good to be wearing more than a thong, tassels over your nipples and a helmet and that their sword has frozen to their hand.