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Filed in Developers' diary by Dan @ 8:34 am UTC May 10, 2012

Screenshot from CryEngine 3 from Crytek's promotional materials. (© Crytek)

This time, I won’t be bitching about the evil game industry and how things suck for a change, but surprisingly, I will tell you about how great everything is.

Intermezzo I

We’ll have to go back in time to August 2011, when we were establishing the company. At the time, Warhorse was becoming reality but it wasn’t incorporated yet, so we were still just a bunch of unemployed guys.

But we needed to get going in order to be able to start testing the technology that we’ll use for our game from day one when our people arrive in the office and we needed to start negotiating with all of the technology providers. So we printed nice looking business cards, created the website to look like an actual company and went to Games Convention in Germany to do some business. Read more...